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diff --git a/inotail.h b/inotail.h
index e1590df..4c57867 100644
--- a/inotail.h
+++ b/inotail.h
@@ -18,12 +18,17 @@ struct file_struct {
char *name; /* Name of file (or '-' for stdin) */
int fd; /* File descriptor (or -1 if file is not open */
off_t st_size; /* File size */
- unsigned ignore; /* Wheter to ignore the file in further processing */
+ unsigned ignore; /* Whether to ignore the file in further processing */
int i_watch; /* Inotify watch associated with file_struct */
+#define IS_PIPELIKE(mode) \
+ (S_ISFIFO(mode) || S_ISSOCK(mode))
+/* inotail works on these file types */
+#define IS_TAILABLE(mode) \
+ (S_ISREG(mode) || IS_PIPELIKE(mode) || S_ISCHR(mode))
#ifdef DEBUG
# define dprintf(fmt, args...) fprintf(stderr, fmt, ##args)
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