AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-01-18Remove TimeQuest optionsHEADmasterTobias Klauser1-2/+0
2013-01-09Update dts accordinglyTobias Klauser1-110/+127
2013-01-09Update LED vector length, pid bits and address ranges of SOPC componentsTobias Klauser3-178/+190
2012-05-03Add GPIOs etc.Tobias Klauser5-154/+3360
2012-05-03Add custom instructions ffs, ffz, fls and hweightTobias Klauser4-0/+232
2012-05-03Add more InES clock sync stuffTobias Klauser2-0/+159
2011-08-12Add ISP1362 componentTobias Klauser2-0/+228
2011-08-02Regenerated dts (manually adapted for ISP1632), remove dtbTobias Klauser2-113/+92
2011-08-02Hook up ISP1362 and support 64MB RAMTobias Klauser5-263/+1622
2011-01-19Point reset vector to CFI flashTobias Klauser2-127/+127
2011-01-19Update gitignoreTobias Klauser1-0/+9
2011-01-19Add devicetree directory for dts/dtbTobias Klauser2-0/+167
2011-01-19Remove .bsf (generated file)Tobias Klauser1-335/+0
2011-01-19Updates: Pull LEDS low, rename TSE MAC, add watchdog timer, add sysidTobias Klauser6-373/+1811
2011-01-19Update rmii_phy_to_mii_mac.vhd from upstreamTobias Klauser1-15/+4
2010-08-02Working version with TSE MACTobias Klauser2-153/+212
2010-08-02Add packages needed for TSE MACTobias Klauser7-0/+1705
2010-06-18Add TSE MAC and hook it up (code taken from SInet)Tobias Klauser5-230/+7476
2010-06-17Update to Quartus 9.1 SP2Tobias Klauser3-108/+116
2010-03-29Update timing constraints and add them to projectTobias Klauser2-1/+13
2010-03-26Rename project, correctly instantiate SOPC systemTobias Klauser4-107/+113
2010-03-26top level entityTobias Klauser1-8/+3
2010-03-26Initial commitTobias Klauser17-0/+13323