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use sys/inotify.h
Some time ago glibc did not yet have inotify support, which forced several applications (including inotail) to ship their own copy of the required headers. Especially considering that this also requires updating the syscall numbers each time a new architecture wants to get supported it's the best to instead switch to #include <sys/inotify.h> now.
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@@ -39,8 +39,4 @@ inotail is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
or later. You can find the full text in the file LICENSE in the source tree of
-The files inotify.h and inotify-syscalls.h were taken from the source tree of
-the Linux kernel and slightly altered. Both are licensed under the terms of the
-GNU General Public License version 2.
-- Tobias Klauser <>