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Manpage updates for -F/--follow=name
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.\" ** The above line should force tbl to be a preprocessor **
.\" Man page for inotail
-.\" Copyright (c) 2006 Tobias Klauser <>
+.\" Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Tobias Klauser <>
.\" You may distribute under the terms of the GNU General Public
.\" License as specified in the file COPYING that comes with
.\" inotail.
-.TH INOTAIL 1 "2006-08-13" "" "Inotify enhanced tail"
+.TH INOTAIL 1 "2008-07-03" "" "Inotify enhanced tail"
inotail \- A fast and lightweight version of tail using inotify
@@ -34,8 +34,15 @@ be in the future.
output the last N bytes. If the first character of N is a '+', begin printing
with the Nth character from the start of each file.
-.B \-f, \fB\-\-follow
-keep the file(s) open and print appended data as the file grows
+.B \-f, \fB\-\-follow\fR[={descriptor|name}]
+keep the file(s) open and print appended data as the file grows; \fB\-f\fR,
+\fB\-\-follow\fR, and \fB\-\-follow=\fIdescriptor\fR are equivalent and follow
+the file descriptor even if the file is renamed or moved. Use
+\fB\-\-follow=name\fR if you want to track the file by name. In this case the
+file is reopened as soon as it got recreated.
+.B \-F
+equivalent to \fB\-\-follow=name\fR.
.B \-n \fIN\fR, \fB\-\-lines\fR=\fIN\fR
output the last N lines (default: 10) If the first character of N is a '+',