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Unify wording all over the tree
According to the Linux source it's: * s/linux/Linux/ * s/Kernel/kernel/ * s/Inotify/inotify/ (except at the beginning of a sentence)
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ of the Linux kernel to speed up tailing files in the follow mode (the '\-f'
option). Standard tail polls the file every second by default while inotail
listens to special events sent by the kernel through the inotify API to
determine whether a file needs to be reread. \fINote:\fR inotail will not work
-on systems running kernels without Inotify. To enable Inotify , please set
+on systems running a kernel without inotify. To enable inotify, please set
CONFIG_INOTIFY=y in your kernel configuration and recompile it.
Currently inotail is not fully compatible to neither POSIX or GNU tail but might