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2006-11-13Initial import15.6-2Tobias Klauser3-0/+951
lass='insertions'>+8 2016-03-17Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds1-1/+1 2016-02-15treewide: Fix typo in printkMasanari Iida1-1/+1 2016-01-10openvswitch: fix struct geneve_port member nameJean Sacren1-3/+3 2015-12-02openvswitch: properly refcount vport-vxlan modulePaolo Abeni1-1/+0 2015-10-24Merge git:// S. Miller1-13/+0 2015-10-22openvswitch: Fix egress tunnel info.Pravin B Shelar1-13/+0 2015-10-22openvswitch: Use dev_queue_xmit for vport send.Pravin B Shelar1-1/+1 2015-08-31ip-tunnel: Use API to access tunnel metadata options.Pravin B Shelar1-3/+2 2015-08-29openvswitch: Remove egress_tun_info.Pravin B Shelar1-2/+1 2015-08-27openvswitch: Use Geneve device.Pravin B Shelar1-147/+32 2015-08-20ip_tunnels: use tos and ttl fields also for IPv6Jiri Benc1-2/+2 2015-08-20ip_tunnels: add IPv6 addresses to ip_tunnel_keyJiri Benc1-1/+1 2015-07-21ip_tunnel: Make ovs_tunnel_info and ovs_key_ipv4_tunnel genericThomas Graf1-9/+8 2015-05-13geneve: move definition of geneve_hdr() to geneve.hJohn W. Linville1-5/+0 2015-01-28openvswitch: Add support for checksums on UDP tunnels.Jesse Gross1-1/+1 2015-01-15openvswitch: Support VXLAN Group Policy extensionThomas Graf1-4/+11 2015-01-14openvswitch: Introduce ovs_tunnel_route_lookupFan Du1-11/+2 2015-01-13openvswitch: Remove unnecessary version.h inclusionSyam Sidhardhan1-2/+0 2014-12-23openvswitch: Fix vport_send double freePravin B Shelar1-0/+3 2014-11-09openvswitch: Constify various function argumentsThomas Graf1-1/+1 2014-11-09openvswitch: Extend packet attribute for egress tunnel infoWenyu Zhang1-1/+20 2014-10-28ovs: Turn vports with dependencies into separate modulesThomas Graf1-1/+22 2014-10-15openvswitch: kerneldoc warning fixFabian Frederick1-1/+1 2014-10-07openvswitch: fix a sparse warningAndy Zhou1-3/+2 2014-10-06openvswitch: Add support for Geneve tunneling.Jesse Gross1-0/+236