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2006-11-13Initial import15.6-2Tobias Klauser1-0/+111
a59d206779dc0c4ca5a6de6a2ff40382732b'>x86: get rid of superfluous __GFP_REPEATMichal Hocko1-1/+1 2016-01-15x86, thp: remove infrastructure for handling splitting PMDsKirill A. Shutemov1-13/+0 2015-11-25x86/paravirt: Remove paravirt ops pmd_update[_defer] and pte_update_deferJuergen Gross1-6/+1 2015-05-27x86/mm/mtrr: Enhance MTRR checks in kernel mapping helpersToshi Kani1-14/+24 2015-05-27x86/mm/mtrr: Use symbolic define as a retval for disabled MTRRsToshi Kani1-10/+32 2015-04-14x86, mm: support huge KVA mappings on x86Toshi Kani1-0/+65 2015-04-14x86: expose number of page table levels on Kconfig levelKirill A. Shutemov1-7/+7 2015-02-24Merge tag 'v4.0-rc1' into x86/mm, to refresh the treeIngo Molnar1-5/+9 2015-02-19x86/mm: Reduce PAE-mode per task pgd allocation overhead from 4K to 32 bytesFenghua Yu1-3/+78 2015-02-11mm: account pmd page tables to the processKirill A. Shutemov1-5/+9 2014-06-05Merge branch 'x86/vdso' of git:// Torvalds1-3/+3 2014-05-05x86, mm: Ensure correct alignment of the fixmapAndy Lutomirski1-3/+3 2014-04-16x86/mm: In the PTE swapout page reclaim case clear the accessed bit instead o...Shaohua Li1-7/+14 2013-11-21x86, mm: do not leak page->ptl for pmd page tablesKirill A. Shutemov1-1/+3 2013-11-20Wrong page freed on preallocate_pmds() failure exitAl Viro1-1/+1 2013-11-15x86: handle pgtable_page_ctor() failKirill A. Shutemov1-2/+6 2013-11-15x86: add missed pgtable_pmd_page_ctor/dtor calls for preallocated pmdsKirill A. Shutemov1-2/+9 2013-07-09mm/pgtable: don't accumulate addr during pgd prepopulate pmdWanpeng Li1-3/+1 2013-04-12x86-32: Fix possible incomplete TLB invalidate with PAE pagetablesDave Hansen1-0/+7 2013-01-25Merge tag 'v3.8-rc5' into x86/mmH. Peter Anvin1-2/+8 2012-12-16Merge tag 'balancenuma-v11' of git:// Torvalds1-1/+7 2012-12-11x86: mm: drop TLB flush from ptep_set_access_flagsRik van Riel1-1/+0 2012-12-11x86: mm: only do a local tlb flush in ptep_set_access_flags()Rik van Riel1-1/+8 2012-12-06propagate name change to comments in kernel sourceNadia Yvette Chambers1-1/+1 2012-11-22x86/mm: Don't flush the TLB on #WP pmd fixupsIngo Molnar1-1/+6 2011-03-18x86: Flush TLB if PGD entry is changed in i386 PAE modeShaohua Li1-2/+1 2011-03-10x86/mm: Fix pgd_lock deadlockAndrea Arcangeli1-7/+4 2011-01-13thp: add x86 32bit supportJohannes Weiner1-2/+2 2011-01-13thp: add pmd mangling functions to x86Andrea Arcangeli1-0/+66 2010-10-21Merge branch 'x86-vmware-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds1-4/+0 2010-10-19x86, mm: Hold mm->page_table_lock while doing vmalloc_syncJeremy Fitzhardinge1-3/+17 2010-08-23x86, paravirt: Remove alloc_pmd_clone hook, only used by VMIAlok Kataria1-4/+0