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+ inotail - inotify enhanced tail
+inotail is a drop-in replacement for the 'tail' program found in the base
+installation of every Linux/UNIX system. It makes use of the Inotify
+infrastructure in recent version of the Linux kernel to speed up tailing files
+in the follow mode (the '-f' option). Currently inotail is not fully compatible
+to neither POSIX or GNU tail but might be in the future.
+- Linux kernel 2.6.13 or higher with CONFIG_INOTIFY enabled
+- Future versions will require a version of the glibc shipping with inotify
+ support
+inotail is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.
+You can find the full text in the file LICENSE in the source tree of inotail.
+-- Tobias Klauser <>