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an class='deletions'>-14/+0 2013-01-29mfd: prcmu: delete pin control helpersLinus Walleij1-6/+0 2012-10-29mfd: dbx500: Export prmcu_request_ape_opp_100_voltageUlf Hansson1-2/+2 2012-07-09mfd: Update db8500-prmcu hostport_access enableArun Murthy1-2/+5 2012-03-16mfd: Add 8420 variant to db8500-prcmuBengt Jonsson1-0/+1 2012-03-16mfd: Add 8520 PRCMU variant to db8500-prcmuBengt Jonsson1-0/+1 2012-03-16mfd: Remove obsolete hwacc implementation for db8500-prmcuMattias Nilsson1-43/+0 2012-03-06mfd : Check if the other db8500 core is in WFIDaniel Lezcano1-0/+1 2012-03-06mfd : Check if the db8500 prcmu has pending irqDaniel Lezcano1-0/+1 2012-03-06mfd : Copy the db8500 gic setting to the prcmuDaniel Lezcano1-0/+1 2012-03-06mfd : Check if there are pending irq on the db8500 gicDaniel Lezcano1-0/+1 2012-03-06mfd: Decouple/recouple gic from the ux500 PRCMUDaniel Lezcano1-0/+2 2012-03-06mfd: Add initial db8500 prcmu register access apiMattias Nilsson1-12/+32 2012-03-06mfd: db8500 OPP and sleep handling updateMattias Nilsson1-0/+25 2012-03-06mfd: Update abstract dbx500 interfaceMattias Nilsson1-31/+30 2012-03-06mfd: Function for obtaining the db8500 prcmu firmware versionMattias Nilsson1-0/+18 2012-03-06mfd: Remove db8500-prcmu U8400 legacyDaniel Willerud1-6/+0 2011-10-24mfd: Move to the new db500 PRCMU APIMattias Nilsson1-286/+82 2011-05-24mfd: update DB8500 PRCMU driverMattias Nilsson1-36/+956 2011-05-24mach-ux500: move the DB8500 PRCMU driver to MFDLinus Walleij1-0/+58