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diff --git a/inotail.c b/inotail.c
index fc9fb7e..1603dd3 100644
--- a/inotail.c
+++ b/inotail.c
@@ -37,11 +37,7 @@
#include "inotail.h"
-#define PROGRAM_NAME "inotail"
-#ifndef VERSION
-# define VERSION "undef"
+#define PROGRAM_NAME "inotail"
#define BUFFER_SIZE 4096
/* Print header with filename before tailing the file? */
td>powerpc/fsl_pci: Store the pci ctlr device ptr in the pci ctlr structVarun Sethi1-1/+1 2012-09-12powerpc/fsl-pci: Unify pci/pcie initialization codeJia Hongtao1-3/+12 2012-09-12powerpc/pci: Add IP revision register define for Freescale PCIe controllerRoy Zang1-1/+4 2012-07-11powerpc/fsl-pci: get PCI init out of board filesScott Wood1-0/+8 2011-03-15powerpc/fsl_pci: Add support for FSL PCIe controllers v2.xPrabhakar Kushwaha1-7/+10 2010-10-14powerpc/fsl-pci: Fix MSI support on 83xx platformsKumar Gala1-0/+1