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NFC: st21nfca: Add support for proprietary commands
Add support for proprietary commands useful mainly for factory testings. Here is a list: - FACTORY_MODE: Allow to set the driver into a mode where no secure element are activated. It does not consider any NFC_ATTR_VENDOR_DATA. - HCI_CLEAR_ALL_PIPES: Allow to execute a HCI clear all pipes command. It does not consider any NFC_ATTR_VENDOR_DATA. - HCI_DM_PUT_DATA: Allow to configure specific CLF registry as for example RF trimmings or low level drivers configurations (I2C, SPI, SWP). - HCI_DM_UPDATE_AID: Allow to configure an AID routing into the CLF routing table following RF technology, CLF mode or protocol. - HCI_DM_GET_INFO: Allow to retrieve CLF information. - HCI_DM_GET_DATA: Allow to retrieve CLF configurable data such as low level drivers configurations or RF trimmings. - HCI_DM_LOAD: Allow to load a firmware into the CLF. A complete packet can be more than 8KB. - HCI_DM_RESET: Allow to run a CLF reset in order to "commit" CLF configuration changes without CLF power off. - HCI_GET_PARAM: Allow to retrieve an HCI CLF parameter (for example the white list). - HCI_DM_FIELD_GENERATOR: Allow to generate different kind of RF technology. When using this command to anti-collision is done. - HCI_LOOPBACK: Allow to echo a command and test the Dh to CLF connectivity. Signed-off-by: Christophe Ricard <> Signed-off-by: Samuel Ortiz <>
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