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Add script to sync git repos to subversion repos
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diff --git a/git2svn-sync b/git2svn-sync
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+# Sync git repository to subversion repository.
+# Based on
+if [ $# -lt 2 ] ; then
+ echo "usage: ${0} GIT_REPO GIT_SVN_REPO_CHECKOUT"
+ exit 2
+if [ ! -d $GIT_SVN_REPO_CHECKOUT/.git/svn ] ; then
+ echo "error: no git-svn checkout found in $GIT_SVN_REPO_CHECKOUT"
+ exit 3
+git fetch $GIT_REPO
+git branch tmp $(cut -b-40 .git/FETCH_HEAD)
+git tag -a -m "Last fetch" newlast tmp
+git rebase --onto master last tmp
+git branch -M tmp master
+git svn dcommit
+mv $GIT_SVN_REPO_CHECKOUT/.git/refs/newlast \
+ $GIT_SVN_REPO_CHECKOUT/.git/refs/last
+# vim:ft=sh
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