he only one supporting that mode of operation, but then it is used on a large number of systems. The "schedutil" governor as included here is very simple and mostly regarded as a foundation for future work on the integration of the scheduler with CPU power management (in fact, there is work in progress on top of it already). Nevertheless it works and the preliminary results obtained with it are encouraging. There also is some consolidation of CPU frequency management for ARM platforms that can add their machine IDs the the new stub dt-platdev driver now and that will take care of creating the requisite platform device for cpufreq-dt, so it is not necessary to do that in platform code any more. Several ARM platforms are switched over to using this generic mechanism. In addition to that, the intel_pstate driver is now going to respect CPU frequency limits set by the platform firmware (or a BMC) and provided via the ACPI _PPC object. The devfreq subsystem is getting a new "passive" governor for SoCs subsystems that will depend on somebody else to manage their voltage rails and its support for Samsung Exynos SoCs is consolidated. The rest is support for new hardware (Intel Broxton support in intel_idle for one example), bug fixes, optimizations and cleanups in a number of places. Specifics: - New cpufreq "schedutil" governor (making decisions based on CPU utilization information provided by the scheduler and capable of switching CPU frequencies right away if the underlying driver supports that) and support for fast frequency switching in the acpi-cpufreq driver (Rafael Wysocki) - Consolidation of CPU frequency management on ARM platforms allowing them to get rid of some platform-specific boilerplate code if they are going to use the cpufreq-dt driver (Viresh Kumar, Finley Xiao, Marc Gonzalez) - Support for ACPI _PPC and CPU frequency limits in the intel_pstate driver (Srinivas Pandruvada) - Fixes and cleanups in the cpufreq core and generic governor code (Rafael Wysocki, Sai Gurrappadi) - intel_pstate driver optimizations and cleanups (Rafael Wysocki, Philippe Longepe, Chen Yu, Joe Perches) - cpufreq powernv driver fixes and cleanups (Akshay Adiga, Shilpasri Bhat) - cpufreq qoriq driver fixes and cleanups (Jia Hongtao) - ACPI cpufreq driver cleanups (Viresh Kumar) - Assorted cpufreq driver updates (Ashwin Chaugule, Geliang Tang, Javier Martinez Canillas, Paul Gortmaker, Sudeep Holla) - Assorted cpufreq fixes and cleanups (Joe Perches, Arnd Bergmann) - Fixes and cleanups in the OPP (Operating Performance Points) framework, mostly related to OPP sharing, and reorganization of OF-dependent code in it (Viresh Kumar, Arnd Bergmann, Sudeep Holla) - New "passive" governor for devfreq (for SoC subsystems that will rely on someone else for the management of their power resources) and consolidation of devfreq support for Exynos platforms, coding style and typo fixes for devfreq (Chanwoo Choi, MyungJoo Ham) - PM core fixes and cleanups, mostly to make it work better with the generic power domains (genpd) framework, and updates for that framework (Ulf Hansson, Thierry Reding, Colin Ian King) - Intel Broxton support for the intel_idle driver (Len Brown) - cpuidle core optimization and fix (Daniel Lezcano, Dave Gerlach) - ARM cpuidle cleanups (Jisheng Zhang) - Intel Kabylake support for the RAPL power capping driver (Jacob Pan) - AVS (Adaptive Voltage Switching) rockchip-io driver update (Heiko Stuebner) - Updates for the cpupower tool (Arjun Sreedharan, Colin Ian King, Mattia Dongili, Thomas Renninger)" * tag 'pm-4.7-rc1' of git:// (112 commits) intel_pstate: Clean up get_target_pstate_use_performance() intel_pstate: Use sample.core_avg_perf in get_avg_pstate() intel_pstate: Clarify average performance computation intel_pstate: Avoid unnecessary synchronize_sched() during initialization cpufreq: schedutil: Make default depend on CONFIG_SMP cpufreq: powernv: del_timer_sync when global and local pstate are equal cpufreq: powernv: Move smp_call_function_any() out of irq safe block intel_pstate: Clean up intel_pstate_get() cpufreq: schedutil: Make it depend on CONFIG_SMP cpufreq: governor: Fix handling of special cases in dbs_update() PM / OPP: Move CONFIG_OF dependent code in a separate file cpufreq: intel_pstate: Ignore _PPC processing under HWP cpufreq: arm_big_little: use generic OPP functions for {init, free}_opp_table PM / OPP: add non-OF versions of dev_pm_opp_{cpumask_, }remove_table cpufreq: tango: Use generic platdev driver PM / OPP: pass cpumask by reference cpufreq: Fix GOV_LIMITS handling for the userspace governor cpupower: fix potential memory leak PM / devfreq: style/typo fixes PM / devfreq: exynos: Add the detailed correlation for Exynos5422 bus ..
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